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Depuis 2017 l’équipage de BSC – Blue Schooner Company met ses convictions et son expérience au service d’un transport responsable et respectueux de l’environnement, en développant le transport maritime 100% vélique.

Chargement de café à bord de Gallant - BSC sail cargo

L’offre de BSC rencontre les aspirations des particuliers et entrepreneurs qui interrogent véritablement leur consommation.
Bien au-delà d’un simple souhait de décarbonation progressive des activités anthropiques, nos clients questionnent avec nous le besoin du toujours plus et toujours plus loin.
Ainsi, nous proposons et pratiquons collectivement une consommation sans concession: pleinement consciente et en responsabilité des enjeux sociétaux et environnementaux d’un bout à l’autre de la chaîne de valeur.

Unloading goods transported by sail
100% transporté à la voile

100% under sail

Our propulsion is 100% under sail.
Carbon energies are reserved for port maneuvers.

Vessel durability

Because a ship’s carbon impact lies as much in its construction (grey energy) as in its choice of propulsion, BSC is committed to operating sustainable ships throughout their life cycle.

About us

The crew

Sailors first and foremost, avowed environmentalists, it’s the experience they’ve accumulated in the armament and command in sail shipping that dictates the conduct of operations, and is the hallmark of BSC.

Shipped by sail About us commitments

Jean-François (Jeff) Lebleu

Co-founder and director of BSC, Captain in the Merchant Navy.

Jeff has been sailing since he was a child. He naturally opted for a career as a merchant seaman, during which time he embarked on a variety of ships, from passenger ferries to icebreakers and oceanographic research vessels.

Shipped by sail About us commitments

Guillaume Roche

Co-founder and Chairman of BSC, Captain in the Merchant Navy.

To combine his passion for sailing and the sea with his studies, he enrolled in the Merchant Navy’s Captain and Chief Engineer course.
During his career, he sailed on cargo ships, oil tankers, gas carriers, passenger ferries, liners and, above all, the L’Astrolabe icebreaker in Antarctica.

Shipped by sail About us commitments

Antonin Masset

Development manager,
Master 200 GT.

A developer of atypical projects (social and solidarity economy, environment) but also a professional sailor, Antonin combines these skills to serve BSC.

About us

Sailing crew

Captains, first mates, deckhands – these are the men and women who, through their expertise and commitment, bring the products thanks to the wind.
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Crewman aboard the cargo sailing ship Gallant
Passenger on board - Sail cargo Gallant - sail passage - BSC

Ready for adventure?

with us

We take passengers on board, whether for our short European cabotages or our transatlantic crossings.

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Whether you’re a loader, distributor, store customer or passenger, you can talk to us here:

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