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Transport à la voile

Pionniers du transport de marchandises à la voile, nous proposons une solution décarbonée à tout producteur ou chargeur soucieux de son empreinte environnementale.

Les Comptoirs de Misaine

Exceptional products, shipped by sail.

Coffee, cocoa, spices, rum, mezcal, olive oil… Direct from the producers, exceptional, sustainable products transported by sail.

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Sail cargo loading - BSC - Gallant

Our sail shipping activities

100% under sail shipping company, BSC is sailing transatlantic and European trade routes since 2017. Our activities and services:

Maritime transport

As shipowner or charterer, we take care of your sea freight.
Concerned about your environmental footprint? Choose a 100% under sail transport to completely decarbonize this part of your value chain. We also offer a service for aging wines and spirits at sea.
Producers, importers, distributors: contact us!

Trade in products transported by sail

Exceptional products, shipped by sail, on our online boutique.

  • Sales to retailers and food manufacturers

Most of the products offered in the store are available in large packs at professional prices.

  • On demand sourcing and importation

We source and supply products and raw materials with high taste, environmental and social value for professionals.
Tel-us what you’re thinking at, we’ll build the supply with you!

Passenger boarding

Experience the adventure of great passages on an authentic ocean-going sailing cargo ship.
Professional sailors and sailors in training, sign up too!

Our company promotes a different kind of consumption: one that is more concerned with the environment and those who produce fairly, applied to the transportation of goods.

Sail cargo
Shipped by sail Home shipped by sail

Our ship, Gallant

Key features

  • Overall length : 36,20 m
  • Sail area : 415 m2
  • Displacement : 160 t
  • Load capacity : 35 t

Its story

A cargo schooner, our first vessel was built in Vlaardingen (Netherlands) at the Figee brothers’ yard and launched in 1916 under the name Jannetje Margaretha. See its specifications.

Her position

Follow Gallant in real time and see her browsing history on the dedicated page.

Shipped by sail Home shipped by sail
Maneuvering on Gallant
Shipped by sail Home shipped by sail
Shipped by sail Home shipped by sail


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Gallant stern - Sailing transport